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Yamaha EF2000iS Review

One of Yamaha’s Best Selling and Top-rated Generators

Yamaha EF2000iS

The Yamaha EF2000iS has consistently received 5-star ratings from consumers every year which is a very difficult feat for any electrical product. It is by far the most popular generator in the 2,000 watt power class. It can be utilized both indoors and outdoors due to Yamaha’s Super-Quiet technology that is featured in the EF2000iS.

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When we go through reviews submitted EF2000is owners, what is common in all of them is that they consider it to be a high quality generator that is very straight forward to use and they appreciate that it delivers eco-friendly and clean energy with very low fuel costs.

It can output a maximum of 2000 Watts, meaning it can power any equipment up to 16.7 amps. It is a gas-powered inverter generator and has a 1.1 gallon gas tank capacity. A great feature for auto, boat, and RV owners is the single cylinder, air-cooled 4 stroke engine of the generator that has a 79cc displacement and can charge 12VoltDCbatteries.

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This model also has the Twin Tech technology that allows you to hook up two EF2000iS generators at the same time in the event you need extra power. Durability is also one of its main feature because it comes equipped with an overload breaker to protect it from power overloads.

Is this Generator right for you?

Here are its benefits:

  • The EF2000iS is a very portable generator. It weighs only 44 lbs and is very easy to carry around the house or onto your vehicles.
  • This generator can run on a low 51.5-61 dBA sound level, so you can comfortably use it and still hear yourself and others talk when it is in operation. It also has an economy mode for a more quieter operation.
  • It is a fuel-saving generator and can run for 10 hours on a single gallon of gas. When you don’t require a lot of output, it adjusts its engine speed and slows itself down to use less gas.
  • Thanks to the inverter system, the EF2000iS produces clean energy and electricity so you won’t need to worry about any fumes or power surges that can destroy your appliances like your phone, TV, or computers.

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What are people saying about this Portable Inverter Generator?

Awesome Quiet Little Inverter-Generator!

I purchased the Yamaha EF2000iS generator for extended fishing trips, for charging 12 volt marine batteries and for running corded power tools in remote areas. It easily powers drills, grinders, skill saws, table saws, sawzalls, and portable cement mixers – pretty much anything that draws under 16.7 Amps. Another thing that’s slick about it is it also charges marine batteries and has its own special DC receptacle and comes with the included cable. This unit really is quiet. On a recent fishing trip everyone did nothing but praise how quiet it was, unlike our neighbors who had an old style generator and had to holler at each other in order to talk. On top of all that goodness, since it’s an inverter as well, you can also safely power computers, charge cell phones and iPods, run a TV and DVD player, and plenty of other things. I give the EF2000iS five stars hands down for the price and performance. If you need a medium duty inverter generator, I highly recommend it. You will enjoy it.

Paul R.

Buy this first

Like most people shopping for a generator I let price dictate my purchase. I bought a cheap generator from one of the big box stores, ran it for 1 season and then it crapped out just out of warranty. I was a complete noob and thought electricity was electricity. Then I discovered you need clean power if you are going to run sensitive devices like TV’s and Computers. I did my homework this time and bought the Yamaha EF2000iS. It’s worth every penny, it’s light weight, produces clean power and out performs the cheapos hands down.  You don’t save money on the cheapos if it doesn’t start next season. No amount of maintenance or storage tactics makes up for poor quality.

John C.

Excellent small inverter generator

I bought the EF2000iS generator to power some  radio equipment and small household appliances during emergencies. The unit arrived from Amazon in excellent condition.  The generator started on the very first pull after adding oil and gas. Subsequently it starts on every pull or second pull. It runs amazingly quiet. You can put this unit outside a door and basically not hear it. The engine runs smooth and clean, and the unit is well built. Light enough to carry a reasonable distance. This Yamaha generator is  good and efficient . I wouldn’t hesitate to buy it again.

Damon C.

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Here are the cons:

  • This model is a bit more expensive than other inverter generators but satisfied customers reported  they felt the performance and quality of  the generator made it worth the price  when compared to cheaper generators that break down easily and don’t last as long.
  • As it doesn’t come packed with any oil, you do need to take caution and add your own oil into the EF2000iS engine before you start using it.

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One of Yamaha’s Best Selling and Top-rated Generators
The Yamaha EF2000iS has consistently received 5-star rating…