Why Buying A Used Crib Mattress For Your Newborn Is A Bad Idea

Piggy BankFrugal parents are always on the hunt for ways to secure necessary items for their children without having to break the proverbial bank.  Unfortunately, not all used purchases supply shoppers with the high measure of quality, safety or security that young children require.

This is especially true when opting to purchase a used crib mattress for a newborn baby or small infant.  There are a number of health risks involved in the purchase of a secondhand mattress for infants, making the cost-saving benefits of a secondhand find, pale in comparison.

Recalled Materials And Designs

Not all secondhand sellers are ethical and responsible enough to track manufacturer recalls on the products that they sell.  When purchasing a used crib mattress for an infant, this can be a major issue.  A crib mattress can be recalled for a variety of different reasons including potential choking hazards, issues with children being smothered by defects in certain designs, and unsavory inclusions in filler materials.  Parents who purchase secondhand selections for their infants are not likely to know the history of the mattress that is acquired, especially the history of factory recalls due to potential dangers.

The Health Risks Of Used Mattresses

Saftety FirstThere are numerous reasons to avoid mattresses that are pre-owned, especially those bedding selections that are designed specifically for children.  When coming from the wrong household or other environment, a used mattress is likely to have seen a number of spills and other unfortunate accidents.

While it may appear perfectly clean and presentable on the surface, there can be numerous issues within the filler material of the mattress, including bed bugs, itch mites and other common parasites and pests that can prove especially harmful for infants and small children.  While clean linens can make nearly every secondhand mattress look new, beneath the sheets parents can never really be certain about the true condition of the mattress itself.

Allergens And Other Health Risks

One of the many, major disadvantages to purchasing used sleeping equipment for new babies is the potential for exposure to allergens.  Acquiring a mattress from a secondhand store often means having no real understanding of its history.  The same selection that is brought into the home and dressed up for a new baby, may well have been sitting stagnant for years, moldering in the hazy funk of stale cigarette smoke.  Different allergens can become trapped within certain mattress designs, causing health issues for the new and unsuspecting babes who rest atop them.

Low Cost Options

Brand new crib mattresses do not have to be costly in the least.  In fact, many parents will find that some of the new options in infant bedding are even less costly than secondhand selections that represent more high-quality designs. Some of the top-rated mattresses featured in our crib mattress reviews section are very reasonably priced.

The crib mattress does not need to last a lifetime but it should meet the main requirements of being  safe, comfortable, and allergen-free.

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