The Importance of Sleep During Pregnancy

Importance of Sleeping During PregnancyWhen you are carrying your baby, your body is working overtime to support not only yourself, but the baby that is inside of your belly. When you are pregnant, your heart is working four to five times harder to keep blood flowing through your veins and to your uterus.

Not only is your heart working harder, so are your kidneys. Imagine performing cardiovascular exercise all day and living with an elevated heart rate all day. This is what pregnancy is like.

If you are wondering why you are suffering from fatigue, this is the main reason. Pregnant women need to get plenty of sleep so they can stay healthy and support their growing child.

Why Is Sleep So Important During Pregnancy?

During your first trimester of pregnancy you are producing high levels of progesterone. This hormone causes fatigue and a sudden craving for naps. If you feel like you are worn out, you are not alone. While progesterone does cause drowsiness, it can also disrupt your sleep. You need to get past the difficulty so you can support your growing child. When you do not get enough rest, you can put stress on the growing child. You will have a healthier pregnancy if you get more sleep.

Some physicians also say that sleep directly influences the amount of time you spend in labor. Women who got more sleep each day spent less time during labor and also had an easier experience. Studies show that women who averaged 6 hours or less of less were more likely to get a C-section.

Why Is It Difficult to Fall Asleep?

Even though you are sleepy, falling asleep can be very difficult. While progesterone is one of the root causes, discomfort is another cause you need to consider. Some of the reasons why women cannot sleep during pregnancy include:

  • Frequent trips to the bathroom
  • The feeling of discomfort
  • Choosing the right position
  • Vivid dreams
  • Nausea and vomiting

Here’s an Interview with a Doctor discussing the importance of sleep:

One Way You Can Get a Better Sleep?

If you are struggling with your sleep, there are a number of products that will help you get the sleep you need to have a healthy pregnancy. Many women use specialty full body pregnancy pillows. These pillows help you get comfortable and find the right position so you are not woken out of your sleep. They also reduce pressure on the uterus so you do not have to wake during the night to urinate. The pillows will support your body and help relieve tension so you can obtain the refreshing sleep you need to feel well rested during the day.

As you’ve read, sleep is very important both for the health of the expectant Mom and her growing baby. While the feeling of fatigue can be a challenge to deal with, you can rest assured knowing that lots of good sleep is an important component of delivering a healthy baby.

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