Pregnancy Pillow  Reviews

By the second trimester of pregnancy most women begin to experience the difficulty of sleeping that comes with their growing baby bump.  They also usually discover the value of pregnancy pillows and maternity pillows in helping them to get a good night's rest.  Pregnancy pillows come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes and each has their own benefits and disadvantages. So how will you know which one is best for you? Well we've put the Save A Ranch review squad on the job to evaluate the various brands on the market and bring you Pregnancy Pillow Reviews of the best pregnancy pillows from the top brands like Comfort-U, Leachco, Boppy and more. We also show you where you can buy them at the best price online.
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Comfort-U Body Pillow
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Leachco Snoogle Pillow
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Leachco Back N Belly Pillow
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Boppy Total Body Pillow
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Leachco All Nighter Total Body Pillow
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Comfort-U Body Pillow Review

True Full Body Comfort And Support

Comfort-U Body Pillow

The Comfort-U Body Pillow was created and designed by a registered nurse and it features a unique over-sized full body U-shaped design.

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It is what we consider to be a “True” full body pillow for pregnancy as it is designed to provide support to both sides of your body at night.As each of its arms measures 5 feet 4 inches long, you can truly loose yourself from head to toe inside this pillow.

The Comfort-U total body pillow was created by Jean Kelly when she was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, a medical disorder that causes chronic muscle and joint pain. It was therefore designed to support your entire body regardless of whether you are sleeping on your left side, right side, or your back. It keeps your body in perfect alignment to reduce body aches and pain and allow you to get a good night’s sleep.

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Leachco Snoogle Pillow Review

One of the Best Selling and Most Popular Pillows for Good Reason

Snoogle Pillow

The Leachco Snoogle Pillow is one of the best-selling pregnancy pillows on the market. Based on the reviews we’ve collected the praise for the Snoogle is justified.

There is no longer a need to use multiple pillows to get a comfortable nights rest because the patented full-body design of the Snoogle Pillow resolves that. The pillow provides support for your back at night to prevent back pain and sciatica. Moms can also place the Snoogle between their knees, allowing it to cradle your belly and keep your head elevated to aid with breathing problems.

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Leachco Back N Belly Pillow Review

Uncompromising Total Body Support

Leachco Back N Belly PillowThe Leachco Back N Belly Pillow is one of the best selling pregnancy pillows in the Leachco product line. It has a U-shaped cut that permits expectant mothers to fully support both their back and belly just as the pillow’s name suggests.

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The Back N Belly Pillow was given a cut specially designed for pregnant moms who need to have both their belly and back supported to get a good night’s rest. The more common J-shaped and C-shaped pillows do not provide support to both sides of your body. With the back n belly pillow you do not have to chose which side of your body you want to support each night.

This is perfect for those that toss and turn a lot at night. With the U-shaped design you are not required to fully readjust the pillow with each turn which is what you have to do with alternate styles.

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Boppy Total Body Pillow Review

Another creation from the Feeding Pillow Leader

Boppy Total Body Pillow

Boppy became a household name with their signature feeding pillows that offered moms a comfortable way to nurse their baby. They’ve utilized that knowledge and experience to design the Boppy Total Body Pillow which provides expectant moms comfort and support at night so they can get a good nights rest.

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The Boppy Total Body Pillow was created to help soon-to-be Moms ease the body pains they experience as their pregnancy progresses.  This pillow helps Moms avoid the neck, back, and leg pains that are experienced by most pregnant women in their second trimester.

The Boppy Total Body Pillow provides support to your head and neck and at the same time while allowing you to tuck it between your legs to provide support for your legs and hips as well. Since this pillow is shorter in length than most pregnancy body pillows, it is easier to change positions for those that turn throughout the night.

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Leachco All Nighter Total Body Pillow Review

Achieve sweet dreams with this Candy Cane Pillow

Leach All Nighter Total Body PillowWith its unique multiple shape design, the Leachco All Nighter Total Body Pillow is a hybrid pregnancy body pillow. Leachco used their experience from their other popular nursing pillows to design one that provides both full body comfort and support to expectant moms.

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Designed by a registered nurse, the Leachco All Nighter Total Body Pillow helps Moms-to-be to avoid the back pain, leg swelling, neck stiffness and indigestion that can come about during pregnancy. This J-style “candy cane” designed pillow allows you to provide support for your neck, legs, hips, back, and belly with a single pillow. Because of its three different contoured shapes, moms can adjust it to provide support where ever they need it.

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Here’s a video countdown of this year’s best pregnancy pilllows

The Best Body Pillows for Pregnant Women

Things You Should Know Before You Buy

By now you’ve figured out that pregnancy pillows can be a lifesaver for pregnant women that are having trouble getting sleep at night or waking up with aches and pains. The challenge now is figuring out which is the best type and brand to buy.

With so many options it can be difficult to determine which are the best body pillows for pregnant women. Well in this post we’ll tell you the things you need to know before you buy.

U-Shaped, C-Shaped, or J-Shaped  Pregnancy Pillows?

Pregnancy pillows come in three main designs which directly correspond to the shape of the pillow. There is the U-shaped, J-shaped, and C-shaped pillow. The type of sleeper you are and the sleeping challenges you are currently dealing with determine which of these pillow styles is right for you.

The U-Shaped Pregnancy Pillow

U-Shaped Pregnancy PillowAs the name suggests, U-shaped pregnancy pillows have two long sides of equal length that take the form of the letter U. This style is designed to let pregnant women completely surround themselves in the pillow.

One of the things that separates this pillow from its J-shaped and C-shaped counterparts is that it does not require moms to make a choice at night regarding which side of their body they would like to provide support to. The two long arms of U-shaped pregnancy pillows allows moms to provide support to their neck, arms, belly, and legs while at the same time delivering back support with the second arm.

Are U-Shaped Body Pillows Right For You?

Here are the advantages of this style of pregnancy pillow:

  • U-shaped pillows provide the required back, neck, head, and belly support moms need to prevent the body aches and pains a lot of moms suffer when trying to sleep with regular pillows.
  • U-shaped pillows provide True total body support and allow you to give support to both your stomach and back without compromising.
  • For moms that toss from side to side at night, you will not need to completely readjust a U-shaped pregnancy pillow which will allow you to get a better nights rest.

The C-Shaped Pregnancy Pillow

C-Shaped Pregnancy Body PillowOf all of the different pregnancy pillow styles, the C-shaped pillows are one of the top selling styles. The curved and contoured design of C-shaped pregnancy pillows wraps around pregnant moms to provide support for their head, neck, belly, and legs.

The ability of the C shape to prevent neck and back pain as well as other conditions like sciatica, heartburn, and indigestion have made it a favorite for many moms.

 Is the C-Shape The Best Body Pillow Style For You?

Here are the advantages of C-Shaped pregnancy pillows:

  • The C-shaped pregnancy pillow’s contoured design wraps around pregnant moms to provide back, neck, leg, and hip support while also preventing the pains and body aches common when using standard pillows.
  • The C-shaped pillow provides a more snug fit to the body and therefore produces a more loose and natural sleep feel. If being completely engulfed in a pillow doesn’t sound appealing to you than a C-shaped pregnancy pillow may be a better fit for you than the U-shaped style.
  • C-shaped body pillows double as excellent nursing and feeding pillows after your pregnancy so they have an extended life beyond pregnancy.

 The J-Shaped Pregnancy Pillow

J-Shaped Pregnancy PillowThe J-shaped pregnancy pillow provides the most freedom and flexibility of all of the styles. It gives you the ability to modify its shape into a position that provides you with the support where you need it. These pillows have a long arm on one end and a J shaped hook on the opposite end.

The better designed J-shaped pregnancy pillows design the long arm of the pillow so that it is very flexible. This allows it to be curved, bent, and positioned in the way you need it to provide the support you require. Many have so much flexibility that you can actually bend them to mimic the U and C shaped pillows as well.

J-shaped pregnancy pillows are ideal for moms that prefer most of their body to be free, and not surrounded by the pillow, while still being able to adjust the pillow to provide support in the areas that need it.

Is a J-shaped Body Pillow the Best Option for You?

Here’s a list of the advantages for this style of pillow:

  • J-Shaped body pillows provide support for your head, tummy, and legs to prevent back pain, stiffness, indigestion, and many other issues experienced by expectant mothers.
  • These pillows offer a flexible design that are able to be bent  and positioned in the areas you need support to get a comfortable night’s rest.
  • Mothers that would prefer not to be surrounded or have the pillow tightly wrapped around their body would appreciate the J-shaped pregnancy pillows ability to provide support while allowing your body to be free and clear.

Pregnancy Pillow Reviews – The Deciding Factor

Hopefully after reading through this information you understand the differences between the different styles of pregnancy pillows. Maybe you already have an idea of what style will meet your needs. The last tip we’ll give you is to read through Pregnancy Pillow Reviews.

Our team of reviewers have collected feedback and testimonials from expectant moms that have used a lot of the pregnancy pillows on the market. We’ve also analyzed the feedback and pregnancy pillows reviews posted at the major retail sites.

We’ve taken the best of the pregnancy pillows we’ve analyzed and provided you with the short-list of the best pregnancy pillows on the market. Read through our reviews which include feedback from moms as well as links to additional reviews. This will help you to decide which pregnancy body pillow will best meet your needs.